Parenting is full of challenges. Children arrive into the world without a user guide and frequently as parents we stumble from one milestone onto the next, hoping that we are doing the right thing. Our children have to face many challenges growing up such as coping with change, bullying, peer pressure and social media. Sometimes it can be difficult for us as parents to know how best to support and direct them.

Partnership with Parents is an evidence informed programme which supports parents with children aged between 0 – 18 to explore some of the stressors their family are experiencing.

Outcomes for PWP are:

  • Improve parent / child communication
  • Increase parental understanding of, and ability to manage their child’s behaviour
  • Improve the child’s social development
  • Introduce consistent outcomes
  • Increase parental involvement in the child’s education
  • Increase parental ability to manage crises effectively

For further information or to make a referral contact

Education Services Manager: Lisa McCloy 028 9267