Lisburn YMCA offers programmes and a drop in centre to young people 5 evenings per week (Mon-Fri). Our centre offers a safe space for young people to spend time with friends, socialise and have fun, as well as take part in the programmes offered.

Our staff team spend time getting to know young people, offering them an understanding ear when they need it and assess the needs of the young people using the centre to design relevant and engaging programmes.

Young people have an opportunity through our programmes to gain skills usable in the workplace, valuable social skills and a greater understanding around choices that affect our wellbeing.

Other services provided through our youth centre include:

C-Card service(read more) reflecting our commitment to providing young people (aged 16-24) with accessible sexual health advice and free contraception. Mondays 7pm -10pm

Detached youth work (READ MORE) Street based youth provision. Youth workers engaging with young people in residential areas and other places where groups of young people congregate. We understand that going to a youth centre is not for everyone, this does not mean that young people who choose to hang out with their friends on the streets cannot engage with our services. we are currently working in Wallace Park, Knockmore and Manor Park. If you feel this would be of benefit in your area please let us know.

We provide social environments for young people with autism and learning disabilities to develop life skills, relationships and explore relevant issues.

Tue 6-8pm for Young People with Autism (12-18 years)

Wed 6- 8pm for Young People with a Learning Disability (12-25 years)